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Hello, Piglets – a little update from Johnny, the guy updating this site.

All pending shipments have now flown the coop, with the Primitive Race EPs flying to their new homes as of Saturday.

If there’s any issue with your discs, get in touch!

There was a significant delay in the first t-shirt run, which was caused by the platen (the part the shirt goes on for printing) was mounted crookedly, causing a lot of lost shirts to wonky prints. It took a long time to diagnose – because that’s supposed to be set right at the factory and it was the last thing I imagined would be off. However, that’s been fixed and all is well with the alignment and we’re back to normal.

HOWEVER: While I believe everything ordered thus far has either arrived or is en route at this point, I’d previously sent out a mass email to those who ordered shirts advising of the delay and the reason for it. I’m advised that that email, and the one following, has not been received by some of you, while I got replies from others letting me know they’d wait it out (and one gift cancellation – shit!). Additionally, I’m seeing emails to this domain every day but it seems like I’m not getting ALL of them, and not ALL sent mail is being received. Sporadic issue, or a bad filter setting, or something going weird, but I’m not okay with counting on it until I figure it out.

If you’ve emailed me and haven’t gotten a prompt reply from me, PLEASE email me again. I’ve updated the contact form on this site to go to my regular business email (which is working fine) or if you can’t use the form, hit me up at johnny at this domain name instead:

And finally, I’m right in the middle of moving my home and workshop into new places, and my mum into her new place. I’ve enlisted some temporary help with orders until I get stable without running place to place. There may be a few more hours’ delay with responses, but I check email daily and you should be hearing from me. If you haven’t, something’s gone wrong. I want you to be sporting your new shirts and patches and righteously defacing everything with your stickers, so if you haven’t got your goods, and no response, please try again. (Please don’t count on me hitting the PIG Facebook page because I can’t get it on my phone so it’ll be a few days before regularly checking that again.) ETA for being entirely in the new place and things settling back to normal: June 10th. But don’t wait to email, obviously.

Thanks everyone for your support, and for being so patient with these kind of horrifying growing pains. There’s new merch coming, and all of those who waited overlong for shirts will get an additional discount and a free little extra thing as my sorry-about-everything-thank-you present.

In case you missed it, check out the last post. The Primitive Race album has a release date!

Primitive Race full length album out August 7, 2015.

Primitive Race’s full length LP is to be released on August 7th. You can pre-order from us or from Metropolis Records directly. Both will ship on or just before the release date.

Rising forth from the primordial sonic stew of intensive collaboration, industrial supergroup PRIMITIVE RACE stands ready to take their place as the pure evolution of Industrial Music – past, present and future. Evoking the intensity, fury and excitement of Industrial First Wave, PRIMITIVE RACE brings together an all-star cast of contributors – each of whom is a ‘missing link’ in the canon of industrial and EBM in their own. Conceived by bassist, impresario and Lords Of Acid manager/executive producer Chris Kniker; PRIMITIVE RACE featuring regular appearances from Graham Crabb (Pop Will Eat Itself), Erie Loch (LUXT, Blownload, Exageist), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy, Tricky, Gary Numan). That core is joined by an all-star cast of contributors including Tommy Victor (Prong, Ministry, Danzig), Dave “Rave” Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, Jackalope), Kourtney Klein (Combichrist, Nitzer Ebb), Mark “3KSK” Brooks (Warlock Pinchers, Foreskin 500, Night Club), Josh Bradford (RevCo, Stayte, Simple Shelter), Andi Sex Gang (Sex Gang Children) and more! PRIMITIVE RACE have seen the future of Industrial Music, and decided it looks much like the thundering, soul-searing past. Viva La Evolución!

Track listing:

01. So Strange
02. Follow The Leader
03. Acceptance Of Reality
04. Addict Now
05. Cage Rattler
06. Give Up The Ghost
07. Taking Things Back
08. Platinum Balls
09. Seeing Right Through It All
10. DJFH
11. Below Zero

Long In The Tooth – Joe Haze mix

Chris of Primitive Race has made this outstanding remix available for free download. It’s on repeat over here – get it!

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