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Vamp and revamp

As promised, the shirts are on sale at last. They’re top quality American Apparel super soft shirts with that worn-in feeling, printed with traditional PIG-approved ultra thick ink in great armorish layers – absolutely top quality, no disappointing crap. Each is triple printed. At least.

This is official merchandise. All proceeds after printing/shirt costs and a handling fee for us packaging and posting peons goes to Raymond directly. We like giving him money. It keeps him in groceries and fresh pens.

The astute among you will have twigged a change in the layout. Behold, the simpler, sleek, streamlined version of The Swining. We’re edging into more of a straight up propaganda service rather than a regular artist site. Feel free to get in touch and let us know if you have any lurking wallpapers you made, or fan art, or an interview with or article about Raymond.

We’ll be slowly expanding our offerings in anticipation of that new album. We all know very well that it’s months off, but we have faith.

Hog Love.
Johnny, the admin

Shirts re-emerging for 2012

In a few days, we’ll have the product of a whole lot of labour and even more waiting for green lights.

The old style sans-serif logo is back – by popular kvetch:

Nice, thick inks in the right colours, great quality American Apparel shirts – all made in-house so wait times are significantly shorter for pre-orders.

This is just the first of several shirts – getting old ones remade and some great new ones in true PIG style.

Stay tuned for more info!


Something hidden, something Nasty

We’ve unearthed some rare beauties and have made them available in the shop with a scrawl from the Lord of Lard. Please remember when you order that they’ve got to go to him for scrawling and then back to us for shipping. If you need them super fast, make that known and we’ll invoice you for an express shipping method add-on. All proceeds, as usual, go to Raymond’s new release fund.

Gems include the German pressing of Sick City / Shit For Brains which includes Peoria and the proper version of the artwork by the late Mike Matthews.

Also, Baltimore’s Nasty Byte got in touch and let us know she’s moved her video from the 2006 tour to Vimeo. You can check it out here:

Pig “The Sick” from Nasty Byte on Vimeo.

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