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CDs now available in the shop

For those of you who are new to PIG’s music, or who have holes in their collections, we’ve made available those releases that are in print, as well as the DVD of the indie film soundtracked by Raymond.

Hop on over to the Shop to get your hands on a copy of Genuine American Monster, Pigmata, and Plato’s Reality Machine.

Bits for the Trough

A couple of little news items for those who might have missed them:

  • Raymond has signed on as a contributor for the ‘old school industrial’ band Primitive Race, along with Luc Van Acker, Chris Vrenna, Dave ‘Rave’ Ogilve and Chris Kniker. Promising a return to the original sounds of industrial music, Kniker has come up with the tagline ‘More Noise Less Oontz.’ There’s a Kickstarter on which Kniker is offering t-shirts, phone calls, sports events with him and Vrenna.
  • There’s a new official G+ for PIG, for those of you jumping off the Facerace. There are links on that profile to Raymond’s other info including a sekrit video page. Shhh!
  • T-shirts are suspended until we’re done with new prints. It’s slow going, sorry, but we need to have them 100% in house rather than outsourcing for small runs. If you’re a size XL and want the serif version logo front shirts (meaning the G has a hook bit on it instead of the smooth one), get in touch and we can hook you up. We’ve still got those in stock.
  • Pinback badges/buttons are back in stock! You get a set of 7 for $10. They can also be purchased as magnets if you’d rather keep your lard near your refrigerator this summer.

Vamp and revamp

As promised, the shirts are on sale at last. They’re top quality American Apparel super soft shirts with that worn-in feeling, printed with traditional PIG-approved ultra thick ink in great armorish layers – absolutely top quality, no disappointing crap. Each is triple printed. At least.

This is official merchandise. All proceeds after printing/shirt costs and a handling fee for us packaging and posting peons goes to Raymond directly. We like giving him money. It keeps him in groceries and fresh pens.

The astute among you will have twigged a change in the layout. Behold, the simpler, sleek, streamlined version of The Swining. We’re edging into more of a straight up propaganda service rather than a regular artist site. Feel free to get in touch and let us know if you have any lurking wallpapers you made, or fan art, or an interview with or article about Raymond.

We’ll be slowly expanding our offerings in anticipation of that new album. We all know very well that it’s months off, but we have faith.

Hog Love.
Johnny, the admin

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