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Hog Love for the Hoglidays.


Okay, devotees of the forums will have noticed a couple of new tracks from El Scaballero. One is his Pork Talk Remix of Drugzilla, which, personally speaking, is my fave PIG track in about a decade. (I know, I know, hush up now.)

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And of course, Dominator, from Raymond Watts soundtrack for the forthcoming motion picture, Plato’s Reality Machine.

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But what you have yet to see, my merry piglets, is this:

What is that? Why, it’s a Bandcamp listing of the entire soundtrack which features 12 new pieces and which also contains Transceration by request of the filmmaker, I hear tell. Check out a songwriting collaboration with John Gosling and Mike Watts as well as Raymond’s solo originals.

The film is still in post-production, but you can getcher hot pork soundtrack right (t)here, right now. There’s a suggested price of $8 – bargain – but if you want, you can pitch in a little extra. Think of it as an excellent way to tip the house for all those free downloads of the out of print stuff, eh? Eh? (The money goes straight to Raymond, by the way. The Swining is just pointing the way.)

How’s that for a Merry fuckin’ Crimbo?

PS: Greasy totally spotted the album before it was announced, linked it on the forums, and was totally cool about us going err hold fire, greasepig. This is what you miss when you don’t haunt the forums. Also, a lot of silence, we’ll admit.

PPS: Raymond kind of hates the cover which I threw together from a little piece of PRM’s website graphic, so don’t blame him. No budget, brothers and sisters. Hoo-ah! Still, he didn’t make me take it back, so he’s clearly loving on you people.

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