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PIG Logo Sticker Pack

Two large, two small stickers with the logo in one pack. Dollar not included. – $5 pack

PIG button pack

Sold out! Back ASAP.

PIG Collaborations – click title to expand

PIG with Eden - Evil Does (demo)

Those who follow PIG’s output will know that Raymond’s collaborator on Pigmartyr/Pigmata was the mysterious Eden.

After he moved to Australia, Eden sent Raymond a bass and drum loop around which Raymond put the beginnings of the song called Evil Does.

Says Raymond of the current state of the track, “It’s super rough and old and is based on an mp3 bass and drum loop Eden sent me years ago from Australia. The Vox and guitars and shit I put on are demos, not meant for humans. It’s never going to make an album and it’s like a scratchy digital sounding demo from the vaults.”

The fans saved it from the trash pile, so now we at make it available high quality.

[Lossless FLAC | 36.2MB | US$1.00 ]

[320kbps .mp3 | 10.7MB | US$1.00 ]

PIG v Mr. No - So Pretty

Olivier Grasset (Mr. No, Motor, haloblack. XLOVER et al) creates a meaty, beaty electronic playground and Raymond ‘PIG’ Watts comes in and dirties up the place with some nasty chanting. It’s dark alley dance and we’re pretty sure you never saw this coming.

Hear the sample.

[320kbps .mp3 |10.5MB | US$1.00 ]

PIG vs Mekon - Preach (ruff)

A collaboration between Raymond Watts and John Gosling.

Hear the sample.

[320kbps mp3 | 8.85MB | US$1.00 ]

Pig Orchestra – click title to expand

Pig Orchestra gathers some of the most beautiful popular music ever recorded and invites it to its backwoods whisky bar for some uncomfortable moments in the dark.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Hear the Sample

[Lossless FLAC | 37.6MB | US$1.00]

[320kbps .mp3 | 14.1MB | US$1.00]

Are 'Friends' Electric?

Hear the sample

[Lossless FLAC | 31.6MB | US$1.00]

[320kbps .mp3 | 13.2MB | US$1.00]


Hear the sample

[Lossless FLAC | 35.6MB | US$1.00]

[320kbps .mp3 | 13.3MB | US$1.00]

Some Guys Have All The Luck

Hear the sample

[Lossless FLAC | 27.3MB | US$1.00]

[320kbps .mp3 | 11.8MB | US$1.00]

Physical Releases – click title to expand

Sick City / Shit For Brains 45rpm 12

Sick City-Shit For Brains

Extremely rare. Potomak 001, RTD M 28-1. Includes graphical lyric sheet, black, white and pink cover, NM/NM/NM. Signed by Raymond Watts. $100.



  • Sick City
  • Shit For Brains (Greazey Mix)
  • Peoria

Vinyl = M, cover = M

Hello Hooray vinyl EP

Hello Hooray EP

Limited edition (300 pressed) Hello Hooray EP. TEMPO202. This is the original pressing and you can get it signed for $40. Note that the covers have shop wear from storage but vinyl is unplayed.


  • Hello Hooray (Regular)
  • Sendero Luminoso
  • Death Rattle ‘N’ Roll
  • Hello Hooray (Extra Large)

Note that the track listing printed on the album has the titles switched for Hello Hooray (Regular) and (Extra Large).

Vinyl = NM, cover = VG+